Tuesday, December 05, 2006
The Heights Presents...Take Me To The Other Side

The Heights Presents...Take Me To The Other Side

1 Xiu Xiu- The Fox and The Rabbit
2 Tyondai Braxton- Raise Yr Arms & Cross Them
3 Serena Maneesh- Drive Me Home The Lonely Nights
4 Parts & Labor- Don't Just Fucking Stand There
5 Patrik Torsson- påmönstring
6 Múm- Ég Finn Ekki Fyrir Hendinni Á Mér, En Það Er Allt Í Lagi, Liggðu Bara Kyrr
7 Sagor & Swing- Baklängesvisa
8 Mono- A Thousand Paper Cranes
9 Patrik Torsson- Komunikationerna
10 Birds- Birds
11 The Cleveland Orchestra- Ravel, Pavane Pour Une Enfante Défunte
12 Do Make Say Think- Frederica


Posted by heightsy on Tuesday, December 05, 2006 at 3:47 AM |

You tease - how can you call a mix that and now have it include, y'know, "Take Me to the Other Side"?

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