Friday, August 04, 2006
Just can't help believin'

It's not the best best version of the song (this is what you want, and you want it, oh yes), but if you can watch the above video or more importantly listen to the mix of this song I've just provided for you and walk away thinking that it is anything less than one of the innumerable pinnacles of Pop... just don't talk to me anymore, okay?

And although I'm convinced the song could be enjoyed by listeners of any political stripe, I have always been a little thrilled at how good Johnny Boy are at melding total ecstatic joy and some of the best politics I've ever heard in music.

Posted by Ian on Friday, August 04, 2006 at 3:48 PM |

Katie, I can't figure out what bit of internet jiggery-pokery you pulled to get your YT video all nice and centered, but if you'd like to fix this one/tell me how to do so, that'd be cool; I just c'n'ped the "embed" stuff from the site.

you just gotta surround the embed code with "center" tags (i'd write the tags out here, but blogger won't let me comment with words in tag format).

i'll fix it!


I am going to make a quick note here about the download though-- the file name was so long that sendspace cut part of the "mp3" off at the end. After you download it, rename the file and add the "p3" to the end, and it should work great.

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