Saturday, August 05, 2006
I'll Be There Today With a Big Bouquet of Cactus

Well, it was bound to happen. Leonard Cohen : The Movie has been made and thus, Leonard Cohen : The Movie Soundtrack has been released. Featuring nearly nothing outside the realm of utter predictability, with precious few artists that don't have the last name Wainwright (McGarrigles, you don't count), it's precisely as tedious as one would expect it to be. No one does a version of "Jazz Police," "Diamonds in the Mine," or "Don't Go Home With Your Hard On." "Suzanne," "Bird On a Wire," "Tower of Song," "Famous Blue Raincoat," yadda fuckin' yadda, all present and accounted for.

Butbutbut. To continue an odd tradition (see the Pixies), Jarvis Cocker (it's OK, Jarv, we still love you) covers the second worst song from I'm Your Man, the remarkably bland "I Can't Forget."

So, what I'm basically saying is that the best moment from something that totally sucks also kind of sucks.

Not exactly the most inspiring of first posts, I will admit. But I promise - I do actually like stuff.

Posted by Mallory on Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 1:13 AM |

A Pulp cover of Leonard Cohen? Eh.

Have you seen the trailer for the movie? Whats up with the cheesy backdrops?

No, just Jarvis. Pulp be no more.

Haven't seen it. Scared, I am.

I was interested in seeing the movie, massive influx of Wainwrights and all, until U2 popped up in the preview. Fuck a Bono.

Oh, and course I have to ask - I assumed "I Can't Forget" is the worst moment on I'm Your Man, so what's your pick, Mallory?

(and yes, any one of the three songs you mentioned would have been killer, although I'm holding out for "Memories" instead)

The worst moment on I'm Your Man arrives rather quickly - it's called "Ain't No Cure For Love."

Rufus Wainwright covering "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" leaves the unexpectedly hilarious image of Janis Joplin sucking off Rufus lingering delightfully in my mind.

I can buy that. I'm just glad you didn't say "Take This Waltz".

Oh Hell no. That's one of my favorites. Ian and Mallory need to prepare the definitive Young Person's Guide to Leonard Cohen right now.

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