Monday, August 21, 2006
Oh shit

Beyonce - Ring The Alarm

You know how the most obvious thing about "Deja Vu," was that it is not "Crazy In Love"? Even when you first heard it and it was completely awesome, as good as it was, it had its complete failure to live up to its predecesor constantly hanging over its head. To make myself very much a complete geek, it was the Ron Weasley of Beyonce tracks. (I'm not even sure if that makes sense, actually.)

"Ring The Alarm" is the spine-tingling, incredible Beyonce smash that "Deja Vu" aspired to be. (Does this make it the Ginny Weasley of Beyonce tracks?) I hope this is a hit, because god damn does it deserve to be. It's all sirens and screaming and the best thing about it is its affirmation that Beyonce can still be creating songs that are actually exciting. Not just enjoyable to listen to, but exciting, the sort that kind of stop time when you listen to them.

"Ring the Alarm" is better than "Deja Vu," it's better than "Ain't No Other Man," it's better than motherfucking "Crazy"... I'd even say it's better than "Promiscuous Girl," except, you know, let's not start throwing around accusation we can't take back.

I really hope I don't get sick of this.

(P.S. The Hold Steady's "Chips Ahoy" is great too, but I'm going to save my Hold Steady post for some other time)

Posted by Jonathan on Monday, August 21, 2006 at 9:26 AM |

oh OH that's fantastic!

I wouldn't put it anywhere near level with "Crazy In Love" though. Infact, I'd say it's even with, or maybe even a tad below, "Deja Vu" in my head. But still fucking fantastic! I love the chanting and the ever-so-slight growl in her vocals... LOVE.

And watch it with throwing around "Promiscuous Girl" like that mister. watch it.


"Crazy (with or without In Love)" it ain't.

And I'm mildly disappointed it's not a cover of that other "Ring the Alarm."

But it's aiiiiiiight.

after a few more listens, I think this song would be WAY more awesome if the whole thing was filtered/fuzzed out and angry like that first little recurring chanting segment. lose the chorus and verses where she's actually singing. I just want the angry growly chanting for 3 minutes.


I haven't even heard it yet and I agree with you two.

Ian = broadly in favour of angry growly chanting.

Yeah the screaming is what makes the track. But I just want to clarify - "Crazy" here refers to Gnarls Barkley, not "Crazy In Love." Because Beyonce will never surpass "Crazy In Love". She may equal it, but she'll never make anything better.

Totally disappointed in this!

That part where she goes "How could you look at me..." and it's heartbreaking, and then she snaps into the chanting, with a quick relapse into sadness, and then back out - MASTERFUL.

Why isn't John Cunny a member here yet?

I want his funky funky Cunny on tap.

He on some Curly Moe Larry shit.

You wanna write for us John?

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