Thursday, August 10, 2006

I was never a fan. I was one of those people so caught up into east coast wordplay and avant-gardism that I hastily ignored the south. It was actually not until talking to Saul Williams (conversation to be published this fall through Callaloo) about southern hip hop and its parallels to southern blues music that I actually started to give it the recognition that it deserves.

As one who will join the cipher from time to time, I’ve got mad respect for MCs who freestyle songs in the studio (ex. Dipset Three Song Freestyle On Hot 97/ Lil Wayne Where The Cash At). I’m a bit biased at maybe becoming attached to the idea that the spoken word possesses some sort of supremacy to the written one.

On Weezy: I don’t know where he suddenly came from, and no not every song is fire, but when he’s on—he’s on. This song reeks of misogyny a bit (sorry Kates) but Spank Rock (not beating a dead horse, just an example) and Williamsburg have taught me that even little trust fund girls want to dance to the raunchy shit. Thanks Caps & Jones!!
Weezy’s flow is like a cyclone and it just throws out these great lines at random:

"I like those Amerie’s you can have those Omarosas"

"Broke niggas only make jokes, nigga.I make more than I can fit in this quote"

After that last line, my head exploded.

Dipset are goombas. The Ramones were goombas too and they’re legendary for it so what’s the point in worrying about that? One thing that Dipset does well is doing what other people aren’t. They sample songs that no one would ever consider (“Built This City”) and they do things like freestyle three songs live on the radio and brag about doing so. If JR Writer’s new record was as good as his mixtape verses and what he does on this, Dipset would be a whole ‘nother story.

"You’s a fake G like a thousand in counterfeits"
"Listen here, your fucking engineer couldn’t get to my level"

Ignore the Hell Rell verse, it’s pretty stupid, but the 1st and last songs. Wow. Also: This post started about the south, and then it kind of went onto Dipset. They have a lot of joints with Weezy--plus Santana and Weezy have a joint tape coming out…so yeah.


I fear the only person who is going to dig this is our Australian hip-hop fan.

Posted by heightsy on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 9:07 PM |

You're damn straight I'm digging that (assuming there isn't some other Australian hip hop fan on this blog you're talking to) :)Especially the Dipset - it's been a while since I've heard anything from them that reminded me of just how hot they can be, and damn that hit the spot. And, you know, say what you will about the Hell Rell verse, but the beat in that second song is fire. But then again, the whole thing is. Y'all who aren't downloading this: dammit, get downloading it.

glad to be of service.
oh, and i saw stars play at coney island about a month ago and they were amazing.

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