Thursday, August 10, 2006
T.I.'s Introduction to Jazz

First off. I'd like to start out with a little love for T.I. (lady k!'s no hater!)

I found this unmarked remix of "What You Know" somewhere on the internet. I don't have anymore information than that-- I actually have had it a while apparently and randomly found it in my recent-downloads folder the other day. Whoever remixed it changed the entire backing music/beat to something weird and electronica sounding. And in doing this, it pretty much changes everything.

Also, T.I. at his best, MIXED WITH BILL WITHERS' "USE ME" courtesty of Nick Catchdubs on The Rub's "It's the Motherfucking Remix Vol.2".

I was scrolling through ye ol' ipod yesterday (which is coincidentally also named "the funkyfunky 7" (he's lady k!'s primary DJing tool- "lady k! and the funkyfunky 7!"), and thus inspired the name of this blog-- IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING) in preparation for my hour-long commute home from work. While scrolling through my tons and tons of tunes, I noticed the Nextmen mixtape titled "A Child's Introduction to Jazz". I found this a few months ago, but have yet to get around to listening to it. So I thought, "Hey! what the hell! why not! I like the Nextmen's previous mixtapes (scroll to the bottom) alright, so this should be good too. right?"

Let's just say "this should be good" = UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR, people.

This mixtape is FANTASTIC! The title of the mix, though misleading, I assume was taken from the record they sample at different points in the mix, which is a really old children's educational record about jazz. It starts out with the first lesson from the jazz record, the instructor talking mundanely about 2 different jazz samples that open the record, when all of a sudden no other than Luda! get's dropped in to crash the learning-party.

Throughout the mix, you'll be taken through a roller coaster of sounds from the likes of Nas, Rhymefest, Plant Life, Faith Evans, Jill Scott, The Talking Heads, Breakestra, Bob Marley, and a TON of others. You'll hear Hall & Oates mixed up with a Clinton Sparks (feat Notorious BIG) track. You will hear MORE THAN ONE Prince track. Is that the UK'S fabulously funky Speedometer doing a BEYONCE COVER?? OH HELL YES IT IS!

They slow the mix down considerably towards the end, which is a bit of a bummer, but they wrap things up with Al Green's "Let's Stay Together", which has always been in contention for lady k!'s favorite r&b track of all time, so the slowing down of the mix is lady k! approved!

I *highly* suggest checking this one out. I'd post some samples, but the copy I have is just one huge mp3, and I don't have the tools to slice anything out at the moment. Just know that there are a few tracks involving Alphabets on here. And come on! Hall & Oates + Clinton Sparks! If that's not enough to send you running to your nearest record store (or p2p program) IMMEDIATELY, you probably hate music. So go!

Posted by Lady K! : on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 9:18 AM |

What Talking Heads track?

does this determine whether you listen to it or not? :oP

Once in a Lifetime.

that's weird...

the summer mix I've been working on for a couple weeks begins with TI into... Bill Wither's Use Me!

Sick minds think alike...

that's because I put this exact ti/withers cut on your barcelona mix and the combo got ingrained in your brain mister.

and sick minds do think alike


Yes, I knoes that dear - but mine is a transition based on instrumental adaptability. Different song, too.

How could I forget the mix that got me through WORST FLIGHT EVAR?

Hi, what's the track that follows Prince's Alphabet Street? Its got such a 'laid back yet up-beat' funky feel.

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