Sunday, August 06, 2006
Kashmere High School Stage Band

NPR's All Thing's Considered ran a feature on Houston's own Kashmere Stage Band last week. I'm not going to say much else, because I am requiring each and every one of you to go and stream the 8 minute segment on the webpage and listen to it. You will hear interviews with the Kashmere band-leader, Conrad O. Johnson, various bits and pieces of their performances, examples of their music being sampled by DJ Shadow in "Holy Calamity", and a whole lot of history about the band itself and how their music has evolved.

One thing-[spoiler!]- it warms my heart TO NO END to know that band director Conrad O. Johnson's entire inspiration for the stage band was fueled entirely by none other than Otis Redding. Seriously- my heart is near-boiling at the moment, it is SO WARM WITH HAPPINESS OVER THAT FACT.

That is all. Go listen. NOW.

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