Tuesday, September 12, 2006
To call for hands of above to lean on

(Jesus, people - I'm starting grad school, there is no way I have enough free time to be the one updating the FF7. Step up!)

So, with Scala & Kolacny Brothers' absolutely gorgeous choral version of Heartbeats (the original of which is presented above, for your viewing/hearing pleasure) I have no heard five versions of what I continue to insist should be the first standard of the 21st Century. Every version, whether it's a reworking by the Dreijers themselves or a cover, has been amazing. The lyrics always stay the same (and always remain fairly cryptic), but the range of emotional tone between the differing versions is a wonder and a joy. And yes, it's a favourite of mine, but there are plenty of favourites of mine I don't think of this way (and this isn't even my favourite Knife track, that'd be something off of Silent Shout, today probably "Marble House," which also has a much better video); there's something about the durability of "Heartbeats," it's ability to stand reworking, that makes it even better.

And of course, if you know of any versions other than the original, the Knife' live reworking, the Rex the Dog remix, the Jose Gonzales cover, or Scala's version... please, please tell me.

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(as always, if you know of anyone else who wants to write (and actually will write), let me know, or invite them or something. Mallory and I are out for the time being due to trying to move him cross-country this weekend, but once things settle, we'll be back.)

(Oh, I know. I was thinking of inviting someone, who I will get to email you... and yay moving!)

(i gave you admin status. invite away!)

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